How Empowered Are You? Take The Quiz.

Answer the questions below with a simple yes or no. Count how many yes’s you have at the end and tally up your score.


  1. You feel emotionally exhausted and still haven’t figured out how to fully cope.
  2. It’s hard to not take things personally or be offended by constructive criticism.
  3. You struggle financially and feel uneasy when it comes to money.
  4. Instead of feeling ‘in charge’ of your life, you feel like your life is ‘in charge’ of you.
  5. You can’t figure out where your feelings end and another’s begin.
  6. Bad things keep happening to you and you don’t understand why.
  7. You are suspicious and distrusting of power.
  8. The level of empathy you feel is a burden.
  9. You so furious and hurt by news and politics, you’ve become apathetic to it.
  10. People around you call you hyper-sensitive.
  11. You have a history of bad relationships, and of relationships ending badly.
  12. Confident, powerful, directive people make you cautious and leery.
  13. You understand everyone, but no one understands you.
  14. ‘Boundaries’ feels like a greedy word.
  15. You stopped watching the news because you can’t handle it anymore.
  16. It’s hard to determine what’s ‘yours’ and what isn’t.
  17. You suffer from digestive issues and no doctor can figure out why.
  18. It feels like you have the burden of the whole world on your shoulders.
  19. You find yourself the victim in every bad situation in your life.
  20. Having needs seems selfish to you.


You got: 1-5
Sufficiently Empowered

Great work empowered one, you’re doing alright! Reading on is optional for you, though there’s always more work to be done.

You got: 6-10
You’re bordering the danger zone. 

Your relationship to power and your own powerlessness is negatively impacting your life. What could your life be like if you decided to face this issue? Click here to learn how to empower yourself. 

You got: 11-15
It’s time to reclaim your power. 

You’re teetering in the danger zone. Reclaim your power before it’s too late. Act now! Start here and consider working with me!

You got: 16-20
Becoming empowered will change your life in every way imaginable. 

You are so powerless it’s paralyzing your life.  Drop everything, and click here to learn how to empower yourself and consider working with me!