Surrender to the Muck and the Madness 

This week has been a giant week. Most weeks when I write to you, I feel complete and clear about what I want to share, but this is not one of those weeks, because like everyone else, I’m still figuring this shit out too.

You may or may not have felt the crazy heavy energy of this week, but if you did, right now you might be feeling some variation of stumped, oversaturated, exhausted, angry and in dire need of a break. I had multiple engagements this week with mucky, mad energy (which there’s absolutely nothing wrong with), but these engagements challenged me, changed me and in the process, totally nailed me and many people I know, in a whole slew of different ways.

While most of what I feel right now is annoying and I’d rather not be feeling it, I’ve learned to find a small amount of pleasure in this part of the journey—in being nailed by life. I’ve also come to learn that if I find little moments of pleasure in my body and focus on them, that I can expand that sensation and transform the feeling of annoyance into something productive.

For example, if I focus on the knowledge that I was stretched almost beyond my capacity, I feel pleasure in that stretch or if I focus on how exhausted I am, I find pleasure in how relaxed I feel.

If you’re really angry, maybe you can find pleasure in the intensity of the anger, or if you’re really sad, maybe in the depth of your sadness.

There are two keys to all of it and they’re different variations of the same thing

  1. Don’t let your ego get involved.
  2. Surrender to the madness and the muck.

It’s been a really sucky week in a lot of different ways, but that energy is here to teach us all something. So keep your ego out, and let it do the work on you.

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