The Great Empath Dilemma

The empath is an emerging archetype of humanity. It seems there’s almost enough of us now that society is starting to take the idea seriously, but prior to the last few decades, the word empath didn’t even exist.

Because we’re so new, we have no language to describe our unique experience as highly empathic human beings. We’re only beginning to find our voice and define that language ourselves, but we’re doing so in the face of constant dismissal from the world around us.

On top of that, we’re trying to understand why it is we’re so much more empathetic than the rest of humankind in the first place—are we part of a new evolutionary leap or a dying out of the old?

But we can go even deeper because there’s so much more involved in The Empath Dilemma:

There are no role models, there is no path.

We’re all just out here in the sea of humanity on a rickety boat with no navigation tools, trying to find our way. We are pioneers, explorers, groundbreakers, trailblazers, and ultimately, we ourselves are wayfinders for the people that come after us. They will navigate using our lives as maps, our relationships as compasses.

Society hasn’t acknowledged that you exist or that your experience is real.

Explicitly and implicitly, society tells the empath there is no basis for their truth or experience. When we talk about things like felt sense or how ‘we just knew,’ the rest of the world looks at us with a squinty eye like we’re crazy. Not to mention, science tells us that our experience is actually impossible. Because of this, we might question ourselves or think something is wrong with us.

We understand everyone, but no one understands us.

It constantly feels like we’re talking to the world through a perspex glass where we can see them but they can’t see us, or like we speak a language that no one else understands. So even though we can connect with other human beings on a level that most other people on earth can’t, we still feel deeply alone sometimes.

We seem to feel the pain of everyone, all the time, and no one else seems to feel anything at all.

Beyonce wakes up flawless and we wake up with the weight of the world on our shoulders. The rest of the world just numbs out the pain, and it seems like we’re feeling the hurt and anguish of humanity for them.

And yet, even with these great dilemmas and the confusing situation we’re in, nothing beats the feeling of deeply connecting with another human and sharing in their soul. It’s what gives us purpose on this earth, the only time everything really makes sense—the only time we experience a beauty beyond words and reality.

And therein lies our own predicament: We barely exist in the outer world, except in the act of empathy itself. So empathize we must—everyday, with every person, in every way. And in the act of empathizing, we shall stake a claim on this earth, glue our world back together and demonstrate to humanity the inter-connectedness we all know is inherent in life itself.

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