50 Ways To Ground Yourself As An Empath

With the tumultuous, stormy state of our world, it’s easier than ever to become ungrounded as an empath.

All you have to do is accidentally scroll past something horrible on your Facebook news feed at 7 am in the morning, and BAM! Your whole day is ruined:


Therefore, it’s so important for your health, for the sanity of those around you that you find ways to constantly re-ground yourself.

I imagine grounding as staying tethered to myself and tethered to the earth. The ways in which we each do this are as individual as each of us–what works for me, might not work for you and vice versa.

So I created this ridiculously lengthy list for you to choose from, complete with hilarious GIFs along the way so you don’t fall asleep from text-on-screen-overload.

Now, don’t just choose the practices everyone tells you to do, like meditation for example. What’s important is that you choose the practices that work best for you so that you actually do them.

Doing one practice in each category every day will suffice and whatever you do, try and utilize what’s already true in your life rather than implementing something entirely new, as new habits are much harder to form than springboarding off old ones.

Here are 50 different techniques you can use to ground and re-ground yourself. Where I can, I’ve added in my favorite recommendations for the practices to get you started. These are practices I’ve tried and integrated into my life.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the size of the list. Take a quick glance at it and click what looks most interesting to you in each category, without even thinking about it.

Try the practice you click and if it doesn’t work, do the same thing again and try the next one.


Emotions live in the body, therefore the body is the best way to move and transmute them. Bodywork is like the ultimate alchemy and the body (including the heart), the greatest alchemist. Becoming good at consistently shifting energy through your body takes practice. Choose a few practices from the list below, and measure how you feel once you’ve done them. Here are some ways to ground and re-ground using bodywork.

1. Yoga
As a yoga teacher, I naturally gravitate towards it as a grounding practice. Rarely have I ever left a yoga class and not felt much better and there’s a practice for everyone, no matter your age or ability. You can practice at home, or in a class or start by simply looking up videos on Youtube. If you want some extra motivation, try the more-fun-than-usual yoga sequence below:


2. Physical Exercise
It took me a long time to jump on this train, in fact, it’s really only been in the last six months that I’ve started to see the benefits of intense physical exercise to shift my energy. Now, I can’t do without it. I recommend P90x, you can do it in your house, it’s there whenever you need it and it’s not an intimidating workout. It’s a bit of an investment but once you have it, it’s all you need!

giphy (1)

3. Sauna & Cold Bath (or just Sauna)
If you’ve not tried Contrast therapy, I highly recommend you do. You’ll need access to a sauna and a cold bath and you simply swap between the two fo them, staying as long as you can. Ideally, you build to 15 minutes in the sauna and 5 minutes in the cold bath, and you rotate through this 3 times. At the end, you’ll feel as if you’ve just had the most incredible massage ever, for half the price! If you aren’t down on the cold part, just go to the sauna every week. And if you really get hooked, think about buying one for your home, they’re not as expensive as you may think!

4. Massage
Speaking of massage, this is an obvious one.  Massage is a great way to shift any unwanted energy–try a good deep tissue, Swedish, or I’ve heard cat massage works really well too:

giphy (1)

5. Hot Bath or Shower
There are some days where I shower four times, simply because the act of washing myself in hot water somehow seems to wash away any unwanted energy. Every Sunday, I have an intentional bath, where I fill it full of luxury Dead Sea mineral bath salts, read my favorite book and listen to soulful music until I’m as wrinkly as an old potato. When I emerge, I’m entirely cleansed.

6. Earthing Sandals
Swap your current sandals for a pair of Earth Runners, they’re eco-friendly shoes that actually promote health through natural articulation and connection to the earth.

7. Sex/Orgasm
Orgasm is the most powerful energy shifter I’ve ever experienced and the long-term health benefits of orgasming often are well documented. But I don’t need to tell you this, do I. For the ladies, my best investment ever to help facilitate this can be found here (winky face).

8. Clean your space
The act of physical cleaning in your external world somehow helps clean the energy of your internal world and you get the bonus outcome of a clean house. It can also be a great mini meditation if done mindfully, so it’s possible to make this one practice cover both your body and your mind. This is how I clean (that’s why I had to hire a cleaner):

giphy (3).gif

9. Bathe in the Sun or Moon
Bathing with the sun or the moon can be a very healing practice. Especially when the moon is full and you can really feel her energy–moon bathing can be profound. Sunbathing for 20 minutes in the middle of the day has a myriad of health benefits and the sensation of soaking in the warmth, heat, and energy from the sun can feel very soothing. Remember, the sun literally gives energy to live on this earth, so if you want to re-ground your energy, go and be with the sun.

10. Get Nature Energy
Continuing with the theme of nature, a great way to ground yourself is simply to get out of an urban area and go for a swim in the ocean, a walk in the mountains or a hike through the forest. If you can incorporate this once into your week, every week, it will be hard to shake you.

11. Wear a Black Tourmaline necklace
Black Tourmaline is a good crystal to wear all the time because all empaths need a bit of protective help. It’s one of the most powerful protectors against negative energy from others in both the Earth plane and spirit plane–it’s said to reflect negative energy back to the sender. Wearing it on a necklace is perfect.

12. Essential Oils
Carry a scent with you everywhere you go that helps you feel grounded. In times of need, place a few drops in your palms, rub your hands together, and inhale the scent until you feel grounded again. My three favorite essential oils for this (in order of how expensive they are), are Prime Natural Anxiety Relief Blend, DoTerra’s Grounding Blend, and Young Living’s Grounding Essential Oil.

13. Spending Time With Animals
The non-human creatures on this earth are so instinctual and without thought that spending time with them can be a great way to ground and re-ground yourself because they’re always in their own natural state. If you have a creature at home, schedule time every week to spend playing with it.

giphy (4).gif

14. Balance Your Chakras
Any chakra-balancing practice is great, but I have the perfect Kundalini yoga based chakra balancing series I’m creating. Stay tuned, it will be up on the website in the coming weeks.

15. Practice Tai Chi
Grounding should be at the heart of all tai chi training but it’s often difficult to achieve. It’s about establishing a deeper connection to the ground, both physically and mentally. With a few simple words and body actions, Michael Plötz provides a sense of what it is to achieve this desired state and how it can serve us, not only in our training but also in everyday life. Check out this 1-minute grounding technique to get you started.

16. Reiki
Reiki can assist with re-grounding your energy and help you stay energized, balanced, and more focused. Use this technique with the Base Chakra for optimum results.

17. Energy-cycling
Need a fast practice to get your energy circulating again? Try this Qi Gong series as a way to attract, gather, store, absorb and circulate your vital energy.

18. Playtime
Take time just to play. With people, your animals, in your backyard, on trampolines, dance, sing, joke, rumble. Play is so important and it’s the easiest way to re-ground yourself because it’s fun. All it requires is that you figure out how you enjoy playing (even if it’s chasing after your dog), then do it like this little guy:

giphy (7).gif

19. Music
Listen to music to help you move through your feelings in a conscious way. It’s important that this is not just a band-aid attempt to not feel how you are actually feeling, but an actual deep shift of the energy and emotions you are actually feeling. If you feel sad, play music that helps you cry it out, rather than music that suddenly makes you happy.

20. Earthy Food
If you’re feeling ungrounded, make sure that the food you choose to put in your body is earthy food. Often when we’re ungrounded we’ll actually overeat because the feeling of being too full, although it makes us sick, pins us down to the ground. So instead of over-eating, just for a few weeks, eat root vegetables as often as you can, make brothy soups that taste and feel healing and if you can, eat a lot of carbs– bread, pasta, and grains. Use food as medicine.

21: Aim for 8 Hours of Sleep
I’m amazed at how many people nonchalantly tell me they don’t get 8 full hours of sleep a night. Yes, we all need different amounts of sleep and yes, 8 hours can seem like a luxury. But you do know that if you don’t sleep you actually die? Like, quickly. And if you don’t sleep enough, you’re actually taking hours off your life! Sleep is so, so, so important. If you have trouble sleeping, here are some things I suggest: Get a sleep mask and wear blue light blocking glasses at night time (there’s a ton of research that outlines the detrimental effects of light on sleep quality), and enforce a complete technology blackout after 6 pm, except TV if you must. Find places to sleep wherever you can:

giphy (6)

22: Go Alcohol-Free for 30 Days
Going alcohol (and stimulant) changed my life. Imagine waking up in the morning and springing out of bed, being even more sensitive and attuned than you already are, but also learning how to transmute and give voice to your emotions consciously. It allowed me to see what was true for me all the time, without numbing. I strongly suggest trying this 30 Day Alcohol-Free challenge!

23: Harness Crystal Energy
If you find yourself particularly attracted to crystals then it’s possible they have some healing energy to offer you. Go and spend time in a crystal store and allow yourself to be seduced by whichever stones call to you. Keep the stone with you at all times and refer back to it anytime you feel ungrounded, you can even pretend it’s a rocket ship if you can afford one big enough:

giphy (5).gif

24: Go Barefoot
Modern humans are the only creatures on earth that wear shoes. They might be practical, but that’s kind of weird. Depending on where you live and the current season, spend as much time barefoot as you can. Feeling different sensations of the earth under your feet–cold, hot, rocky, smooth–helps draw your attention downwards and remember: Energy flows where attention goes.


25. Visualisations
Visualisations are a great way to ground and re-ground yourself as an empath because they’re free and always on hand. You can use them to ‘shield’ yourself from unwanted energy or to infuse yourself with a white light to reground yourself after feeling thrown from someone else’s energy.

26. Meditation
Naturally! It’s a great way to ground yourself, science has been telling us this for the last decade. Depending on what kind of meditation you practice, it can also be hard and boring. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Vipassana meditator, I just acknowledge that it’s not for everyone. Some people love stillness practices, others prefer movement. If you can figure out how to levitate, you can have both:

giphy (8)

27. Affirmations
A quick and easy way to ground yourself when you’re feeling dizzied by life is to have your favorite grounding affirmation on hand. Either has it memorized, or write it down somewhere and keep it with you at all times. Here are my three favorites to choose from:

I stay rooted and grounded, no matter the direction or force of the wind.
I am one with the earth. I am one with my body.
I channel my highest self under all circumstances.

28. Mantra
Different to affirmations, and generally used during meditation, mantras are a great way to ground yourself (and make meditation a little more interesting). Personally, I’m not a fan of chanting in another language, unless I’m completely grounded in the practice where the mantra is from, and also because I don’t understand the language. So I prefer simple mantras in English, here are my favorites:

I trust my body, I trust my heart, I trust my breath.
I am the earth, I am the sky, I am the universe.

Use these beautiful gemstone Mala beads to get you started.  Hold the mala in your hands and say the mantra once per bead, until you done it 108 times. Choose the stone that most grounds you.
giphy (9)

29. Reading
This practice is included in both the mind and the soul section because it depends on the book! If I’m reading to ground my mind, it’s different to the reading I do to ground my soul. To ground my mind, I find reading anything from the Buddha, or Buddhist in nature is helpful. He was, and they are, the geniuses of the mind, much more so than anyone in western civilization. I know it’s a cliche, but an easily accessible, good-to-have-on-hand book for this is The Power of Now. My only hope is that you love reading as much as this kid:

giphy (10).gif

30. Quiet time
We live in an incredibly noisy world. I learned this after spending ten days in silence in a Vipassana meditation. The world is essentially screaming at us all the time and as empaths, we’re some of the few people who actually hear it. Having a space where you can go and shut out the outside world, just for 30 minutes, is crucial in keeping yourself grounded. Don’t do ANYTHING in this time–no yoga, meditation, nothing–just sit there and allow what’s true for you to arise.

31. Laughter
There’s nothing like a big, deep belly laugh to shift your energy and get you centered. It was my husband who taught me this. He’s obsessed with stand up comedy because he loves to laugh. Netflix nowadays is a library of stand-up. Admittedly, some of them are terrible and might make you feel worse, but if you can find a few comedians you like, watching their standup is a great way to re-ground yourself.

giphy (11).gif

32. Gratitude Journaling
I can’t speak highly enough of the huge shift that occurs from the simple act of gratitude journaling for 3 minutes every morning. It both strengthens your resolve throughout the day, stopping you from getting ungrounded in the first place, and is a daily reminder of grounding. There are many people I know, who’s experienced an immediate and profound shift from this, so I highly recommend trying it. My favorite journal to get you started is here.

33. Technology blackout
Obviously, technology and social media have profoundly enhanced our lives. The problem I think comes with how we unconsciously interact with them. If you’re one of those people who’s heavily engaged in social media, I suggest first building awareness around it. Are you aware of how they make you feel? Do they trigger, unravel or provoke you? If so, I’m a HUGE proponent of technology blackouts after 6 pm, mostly around social media. Try it for one week and see if you feel any more grounded.

34. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
If you’ve not heard of CBT, it’s based on the idea that the way people perceive a situation is more closely connected to their reaction than the situation itself. This has a huge part to play in feeling ungrounded as an empath–it’s sometimes got more to do with our perception of the situation. If you’re finding yourself in the same situations over and over again, with the voice in your head repeating the same words back to you back the situation, try CBT. The good news? You don’t need to see a therapist. You can get started here.

35. Set boundaries
Boundaries are usually a hard word for empaths to hear. We think we need to help everyone do everything all the time and it hurts us to think otherwise, but it’s simply impossible to this. Setting good boundaries will keep you from getting ungrounded in the first place. And remember: boundaries are not you building a wall between yourself and the person you’re creating boundaries with, but a way for you to invite them deeper into your life, and structure your relationship in a way that fulfills the both of you. Confused on how to set boundaries? Start here.

36. Coaching/Therapy
A weekly session with a coach or therapist is a powerful way to stay grounded, conscious, and aware. It will stop you from becoming ungrounded in the first place, and help you quickly re-ground should you become unraveled. The problem with coaching and therapy is that they tend to be expensive, so few people can afford to do it weekly, or even at all. Most the time, it’s impossible to find a session with either a coach or a therapist for under $120. The good news? You can work with me for $50/session.

37: Brain dumping
The voice in our head can be a productive or destructive force in our lives. Sometimes when we become ungrounded, that voice will spin a million miles an hour trying to figure out what happened, and will often descend into a dark world of insecurity and triggers. In times like these, brain dump. Grab a pen and piece of paper and get everything out of your head. Letting yourself mull over it only makes it work. The quicker you realize what you’re doing and get it down on paper, the better.

giphy (12).gif

38: Mindful chores
We all have to do chores in our life–they’re an unavoidable part of existence unless you’re Beyonce. Actually, I bet Beyonce still does chores. Given we all have to do them, creating a mindfulness practice out of them can be a great way to ground and re-ground yourself every day. Sweeping the kitchen floor? Why not recite a mantra while you’re doing it! Organising the washing? Why not practice deep breathing and stillness at the same time? If you can integrate mindful chores into your life, you’ll have a strong foundation of strength and security, which will stop you from becoming ungrounded in the first place.


39. Pranayama
Yogis of the past intimately understood the power of breath to impact our lives, so they spent hundreds–maybe even thousands–of years observing and perfecting their breathwork techniques. The great news is that today you have direct access to all of them. They feel strange to practice and look kind of funny, but the outcomes are profound. Start with the basic practices here.

giphy (13)

40. Basic Deep breathing
As soon as you become ungrounded, your breath will shorten. Breath is always your first cue that something is up, so listen to it. Once you’ve noticed it, simply take five long, deep breaths, four seconds in and four seconds out. This will bring an immediate calmness to your nervous system.

giphy (14)

41. Dream Analysis
Your subconscious is the great store house of your thoughts and experiences and there’s one beautiful thing about it: It never lies. Jung treated dreams as factual information about the state of a person’s psyche, and I’d have to say that from my experience of dream analysis, I agree. I learned dream interpretation from my teacher Dr. Estes, you can learn yourself here.

giphy (15)

42. Chanting
There’s a brilliant chanting meditation practice called Kirtan Kriya from Kundalini yoga that brings balance back to the individual psyche. It takes around twelve minutes, and it works. If you’re feeling ungrounded, take 12 minutes and see for yourself. Find out how by reading this!

43. Smudging
If you’re at home and you need a quick cleansing, try smudging. The smoke clears away anything unwanted in your physical space and will help clear your mental and emotional space as well. Get my favorite smudge kit here.

44. Ritual
It took my husband a long time to really ‘get’ why I loved conducting spells and rituals for things I want to bring into my life and for things I want to let go of until he realized it’s exactly the same as a big business planning meeting with his staff. It’s about getting clear on and creating my future and understanding what hasn’t worked in the past, but it has the added bonus of basking in the sensuality of the present moment. If you’ve never conducted a ritual before, the best place to start is Ritual in a Jar.

45. Reading
I included reading again in the soul section because it can be a great way to ground the soul if you choose the right type of book. For women, my favorite soul book to read is Women Who Run With the Wolves, and for men, one of the best soul books for you is Soulcraft.

46. Ceremony
Whereas ritual is a one-off spell-type, mental/emotional state change, a ceremony is a practice that’s integrated into your life on a regular basis. You can make a ceremony out of anything–your morning coffee, afternoon walk, or evening dinner. All you need to do is follow some version of these steps.

47. Art therapy
Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy where you make art to improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and it works. All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil and you can use it ground, practice gratitude or simply express your emotions in a beautiful way. Here are 100 art therapy exercises to get you started.

giphy (16).gif

giphy (17)

48. Prayer
It doesn’t need to be religious, it can simply be a way to state your intentions and desires with the world with the hopes of making them manifest. If you want to ground yourself, then pray for it. Pray for strength and solidity, just speaking it out loud will help. If you want to go into more detail, here’s a wikihow article on who to pray!

49. Staying in one Place
When we feel ungrounded, we often have a desire to move in the same that when we feel anxious, we get restless foot syndrome. If you usually move in these instances, ie. keep yourself busy, try being still. Don’t fill up your schedule. Don’t go to another class. Don’t watch TV. Just be still and do nothing, then see what happens.

50. Human connection
One of the greatest grounding practices there is, is deep, human connection. We aren’t all lucky enough to have people in our lives who we can unfold ourselves with, whose presence draws out our truth and in doing so mirrors it back to us. If you do, use it wisely, if you don’t, think about paying for the privilege with coaching. My coach is one of the few people who draw out the truth of my soul, and although sometimes I leave feeling messy and blown open, I always feel plenty more grounded and true.

There you have it, 50 different practices for you to choose from to help you ground and re-ground yourself as an empath. The more of these you can integrate into your life on a regular basis the better, because each time you practice you fasten yourself a little more firmly to the ground, and to your deepest self and eventually, it becomes very hard for you to become untethered in the first place.

Feel free to leave your questions, comments and suggestions for any practices I’ve missed in the comments below!