Let Possibility Prevail

What I love most about the new year is that it’s the one time we let possibility prevail in our lives. It seems to excuse our minds from limitation and pry open the boxes we place ourselves in. We get lofty and let our imaginations to run wild. This is where the power to change life begins.

Sometimes, it’s impossible to imagine life being any other way. Shitty jobs, shitty relationships, shitty financial situations — it’s easy to get stuck in the illusion these situations create. But they are just that, illusions, and humans are much more than the images we create for ourselves.

If the first step to changing life is taking accountability for where it’s currently at, then the second step is imagining it can be different.

Intentional imagination is my favorite practice for this.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of everyday imaginings. I think daydreaming is the mind’s way of distracting us from feelings we don’t want to feel or trying to escape the mundane and every day.

Intentional imagination, on the other hand, is extremely powerful. It’s planned, excavating dreaming about life and about what makes one’s soul sing. It comes from a connection to our deepest self and inner knowing.

You can tell the difference between intentional and unintentional imagination by the quality of your thoughts and by whether it’s happening at planned or unplanned times. Everyday imagination is child’s play, intentional imagination is magic at work.  

Here’s how to practice intentional imagination:

  • Set a time the same day every week for 4 weeks (or the rest of your life if you’re me).
  • Put your sense of practicality, feasibility and risk aside for this time.
  • Create an inspiring atmosphere – turn on music that enlivens you, light candles, read from your favorite books or blogs.  
  • Then fantasize, visualize and conjure ideas for your life.
  • As they come up, listen to your heart’s response.
  • Write down the ideas that feel the best.

After a while, you’ll notice a few of the same ideas will stick and the longer you do this, the more certain you’ll be that ideas you see coming up week after week are the ones you need to act on. You can then be certain you’re headed in the right direction.

You can imagine, dream, invent and fancy your way to a life that inspires you every day.  

If the second step to changing your life is simply imagining it can be different then the third step is believing you’re worthy of it.

Stay tuned for that next week.