The Heart Neubla

Our universe exists in a constant state of expansion. There’s an energetic force that compels the universe to open further and faster every second.

What if the same exists for the energetic life of our hearts? What it if really is as simple as expansion or contraction? In everything we do, say and think, we either expand or contract our heart energy–going with, or going against the nature of the universe.

I like to imagine my heart as the Heart Nebula.

It’s cosmic-sized. 7,500 light-years across.

It’s home to millions of galaxies like our milky way.

Within the heart nebula, stars die and are born again each day.

The whole nebula is lit up by one single star–a superdense neutron star is the only source of light for the whole nebula. Isn’t that incredible?

I believe this is what true empathy looks like.

A true empath can light up infinite space around them.