The Power of Structure

I know how hard it is to be an empath — how hard it is to live in this world and be constantly hurt by it, how hard it is to not be overwhelmed by emotion all the time, how hard it is to feel so alone in trying to live a somewhat ‘normal’ life.

But regardless of the ‘burden’ this places on us, we do nothing good for the world or the people around us if we cannot get our shit together and learn to create structure for ourselves. This is a paragraph from Kendra Cunov, that outlines it very clearly:

If, as a woman (or a man), you are unwilling, or incapable, of finding any structure inside yourself, then you are consciously or unconsciously expecting the people around you to hold that structure for you. While your feminine expression and the energy can be a gift, if you don’t have any capacity to hold your own masculine self, it doesn’t become a gift. Unless you have an explicit agreement with all the people in your life to hold all of the masculine for you, then you are simply taking advantage of their masculine – because they have to hold it for you if you cannot hold it for yourself.

So to reiterate — by not creating structure for ourselves expect and take advantage of the structure of those around us.

It’s so crucial for empathic people to put structures in place in their lives (and psyches) that meet their needs and support their development and most importantly, structures that can channel the level of emotional processing required by people who feel everything, all the time.

If you need help creating structure in your life, I am here for you!