It’s Impossible To Exist In This World & Not Be Hurt By It.

It’s impossible to exist in this world and not be hurt by it.

It’s part of the human experience.

Many of us layer hurt on top of hurt until the original wound gets so deep we can no longer reach it to heal.

We walk around with daggers puncturing our hearts, blinded so badly by the pain we forget we need to take them out in and let the wound heal.

Descartes says ‘I think, therefore I am’
I say “I am, therefore I heal.”

If you’re human, you need to heal.

Biologically, our body instinctually moves towards healing itself.

Emotionally, the ego gets involved and messes things up.

No one ever taught us how to heal or that we must commit to healing as a fundamental part of our life.

If instinct ever existed for emotional and psychological healing, we’ve lost it.

Can you imagine what our society would look like if we valued healing our wounds as much as we value money or power?

Individual healing. Collective healing. Global healing.

The best thing you can do for this world? Heal yourself.

Ask yourself, what are your festering wounds?

Processing is uncomfortable, like sitting in a hot train carriage full of other people on a summer’s day in New York, when it feels so suffocating and agitating, all you want to do is run out at the next stop, even though you aren’t yet where you need to be.

Processing feels like you’re still moving even when you’re standing still. It’s an endless churn that goes on in an out of reach place somewhere inside your heart.

Our subconscious doesn’t stick to the same time schedule as us. Sometimes things come up out of nowhere and we’re forced to deal with them unexpectedly.

This happens to all of us, all the time, and over the years I’ve really tried to hone in on becoming more graceful and adept at processing.

But the truth is you have no choice. It’s heal or stay locked up tight in knots your whole life. Surely that’s a no-brainer?

Our society needs to get better at healing. Start today with yourself.