The Empath: A Modern Day Superhero

If you’re an empath, on this earth, in this decade, then you are the hero this world needs. Our world is suffering from a deep sense of disconnection and separation and empaths are the glue that can piece it back together. Empaths have the potential to demonstrate to humanity how our future can be different, and we are called to do so. 

Finding Your Purpose

The problem is that every hero has a moment where they aren’t sure if they want their superpower. They even have a name for it in the hero’s journey, it’s called the ‘refusal of the call.’ The superhero denies their power because they’re afraid of the responsibility that comes with it, they’re afraid of what they’re capable of. Then a situation or event occurs, and they are forced to accept it.

I refused my power for a long time—I used to believe empathy was a burden, a frustrating, painful piece of me that overly-complicated my life. I loved reading those victim-empath articles about how no one understands us and how sad and hard our lives are because they validated me.

“No one understands me,” I’d think to myself, “and no one understands how hard it is to BE me, and I will feel alone forever.” I do love melodrama.

And there is some truth to those thoughts and they’re a welcomed part of the journey. The problem is that every empath I know is STUCK there, and what we all need to do is move into the next part of the journey, and all the way to the very end where we realize our power and glue this world back together.

How to Get Unstuck

The next part of the journey? Meeting with a Mentor. And therein lies our problem, because we have few good role models for what healthy empathy looks like. Articles on the internet tend to be victimy and blamey and the idea of empathy quickly becomes an esoteric concept that is abstract and impractical – all lightworker, HSP, indigo child bullshit that does little practical good for the world (for the record, I self-identify as all those things, but I see nothing of these people actually having an impact on the world).

It’s time for us to get our shit together and start piecing this world back together. The first step is to find your mentor and build support and community. Here’s how you can do this right now:

Connect to activist groups in your area. Even if you aren’t exactly sure what activism might look like for you, dip your toes in and see what sticks. Join our group on Facebook where we discuss what healthy, empowered empathy looks like. Figure out what you’re passionate about — humans, animals, the environment and focus in on one thing. Learn everything you can about it and figure out what impact you can have.

Stop denying your call. You’ve been born an empath for a reason. This world needs you.

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